10 Reasons why SMAI is simply the best choice for you and your children

  1. Judo is the only martial art that specializes in full contact, freestyle, grappling & self-defense skills both in standing & on the ground.
  2. Samurai Martial Arts Institute is the only martial arts school that teaches self-defense using the principal of 'Minimal Necessary Force' - to defeat an opponent with minimal risk of permanent injury! Do you really want your child taught to defend themselves by kicking or punching?? For adults, this has serious liability consequences.
  3. You will train in a fun, family environment with State, National & International Champions!
  4. You will learn to apply Judo Philosophy ("the gentle way"), both in training & in life!  
  5. You will develop total body fitness! 
  6. You will develop self-confidence & Leadership skills! 
  7. Judo will develop strength of character! 
  8. You can compete up to Olympic Level!
  9.  You are welcome at affiliated judo schools in virtually every country & city in the World!
  10. Samurai Martial Arts Institute has lower costs and better value than any comparable martial art!