The philosophy of judo arose from Dr Jigoro Kano, head of Tokyo Higher Education school, who founded judo in 1882. He originally began teaching judo to monks who did not carry weapons and did not wish to injure or kill bandits who attacked them, but became renowned for introducing Judo into the sports curriculum of Japan education system. This philosophy is reflected in the International Judo Code of Etiquette, requiring care and respect for your opponent as well as your training partners. It can be experienced in dojo’s throughout the world by what is affectionately referred to as "Judo Spirit", embodying the axioms of good sportsmanship, care and respect for self & others, mind/body health & a hard work ethic.

Judo rapidly spread across the world and Dr Kano went on to become an international hero, receiving world wide recognition for his contribution to sports culture. This culminated in judo being introduced as an Olympic sport in 1964 and spreading to become the 2nd most popular sport in the world today. 


  • Judo is the 2nd most practiced sport in the world
  • Judo is the only sports martial art where you practice full contact grappling skills in standing and on the ground every time you train. These are the skills you need most in order to defend yourself, particularly for women and girls.
  • Judo has been recognized as one of the 5 most physically demanding sports in the world, working virtually every muscle and developing every form of fitness from cardiovascular endurance, slow twitch muscle power and fast twitch muscle speed to total body coordination and flexibility
  • Judo is ideal for children as it promotes physical, mental and character development, combining safe and fun gymnastic skills with an ethical form of self-defense that is much less likely to injure someone striking (kicking, punching etc..)
  • Rather than striking, Judo involves realistic and effective grappling skills such as throws, hold downs, arm-locks, strangles, escapes and counters to all kinds of attacks
  • Being registered with the International Judo Federation, Samurai Judo Academy has affiliated judo clubs in virtually every major city and town in the world, all of which are open to visits from you as a member!


How to Tie a Judo belt